Because there are many rant about “professional cosplayer” i want to explain my point of few. so first of all there are different labels that EO use to advertise their GUEST STAR COSPLAYER.
they sometimes ask what they should label you, or what are ur strenght selling core, its all within advertising point of view. this is all about job, selling ticket, and pure business.

There are terms of , “COSPLAY IDOL” where they dont make their own costume, but they are very popular, other them their cute and beautiful physical apperance, they usually have very strong cosplay photo portfolio.

There are terms of ” COSPLAYER PROFESSIONAL” this term is use when they regularly work for brand, officially representing their character, or doing cosplay for hire in many types of event, promotional event, launching, birthday party , office party, wedding party, from time to time, sometime just to minggle, take photo with peoples, take photo and posse on stage, or perform act and skit. some people made decent salary from cosplay althou maybe they still have other jobs.

There are also the terms” COSPLAY AMBASSADOR” which in some occasion i am in. this term is officially use by the client ,and company it self, to respect and honour the cosplayer, and distinguish us cosplayer from boots babe and Sales promotional girl, usually they pick famous, or reputable cosplayer, with good work ethic to represent their brand in cosplay world. put in mind, cosplayer usually only famous among other cosplayer, and not in general people, we are not main stream celebrity. we introduce this brand through our influence. and other use is to act as the character in their event. professionally being paid to bring character to life. n please note that we have to get through physical standart , that we have to look a certain way, have certain image, or physical height, look, weight etc, to fit the character perfectly to the brand expectation.

There are also “COSPLAY PERFORMER” we are guest star in event, in teams, we perform in teams, since its mostly not possible to bring to life a good skit story when you are solo acting. we gone through months of preparation, month of training, sometimes, physical and martial art , stunt too. how to walk, act, gesture, posse, hit, punch, kick, timing, get hit, kick, or fall, please mind and respect some of use, faint back stage, some of us break a few ribs, while doing a skit ! we just never make drama about it! its a work risk. we sometimes go through certain fit n proper task in teams, as if how worthy of us to act as the character. n our team will sign contract to the event organizer to perform prefessionaly, just like other professional performer.

COSPLAY other then art side , craftmanship , is an entertainment busines. FYI there are many of indonesian cosplayer that have work as officially to represent their character, they are basicaly wearing costume and get paid to act as the character,
there are many protocols, n rule of conduct, we are not allowed to talk, more over chat n make fun in public, we cannot sit, drink , eat, rest, or take off our attribute in public. they sometime demand a specific certain way to portray their character. and end word of all, when you cosplay as a work, and professional busines, there are certain standart that you have to reach.